Dark Rose (darkrose) wrote in mitternacht_wow,
Dark Rose

Gone, but don't forget about me.


Last night I made the decision to leave the guild and join Hikari no Senshi. This had little to do with the current state of the guild, more it had to do with the relationship between me and my wife (Zilah, if you remember her, most of you will).

Sure, I will have more options with end-game content as they have enough consistant members with at least 1 lvl 60 toon to field a full 40 man raid and then some, but that's not the real reason. As some of you know (and others do not), my wife and I have had some relationship problems recently. It's not really game related, but we had drifted apart for quite some time due to some communication issues and other rifts in our relationship. We are currently in marriage counseling and things are getting much better. That's pretty much all the general public needs to know about that. One of the things we realized is that it might be better for us to spend more time together in game. This is not to say we'll ALWAYS be playing together, but having the opportunity to raid together will help strengthen our relationship in the long run because we're working together. Yeah, it sounds corny to me too. :)

It was either that or both quit gaming all together, and neither of us want to quit the game.

Now, this being said, this has little to nothing to do with anyone in Mitternacht, Tainted Legion, or WoW in general. I love you all and I don't want to lose friendships over this. That being said, this could be a boon for Mitternacht for a few reasons. A possible informal guild alliance and me learning the high-end content so I can pass the knowledge down to you guys, for example.

That being said, I am not going anywhere. I am still playing, and I'm still willing to help anyone, be it TL, Mitternacht, or HNS with anything they need help with..be it quests, instances, blacksmithing items, whatever. Add me to your friends list or ask Mike about the super-secret TL/Mitter chat channel. I'm still in there and I'm still monitoring it. Send me an in-game e-mail, send me a tell, I'll still be glad to help. Just because I'm not in your guild doesn't mean I'm not your friend. I'm doing Zul'Gurub nearly all day on Saturday (I'm on the 3pm and 9pm raids), but tonight I'm on the "willing to help" for DM scheduled raids, so I might be available to do something tonight..

I'm gunna miss you guys, so don't be a stranger. Friend me and don't be afraid to ask if you need something.

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